The Team


Your business has more than 1 need.

These are people who I trust and talk with regularly and specialize in different areas. These are the people I go to when I have questions for my own business. In other words…These are the people who do the stuff that I don’t know how to do, don’t like to do or the things I just suck at.sheryl-big-div


Yvonne Heimann….. WordPress Installations, Site Building & Regular Maintenance

Yvonne’s joy comes from determining what you want to accomplish with your WordPress site and helping you select the plugins, tools and templates that will get you started.Yvonne is also a host for a weekly HoA, Geekspeak Guides, where they take technical terms and bring it to a level everyone can understand.





Tracy Baker….. Customer Service Training & Sales Professional

Tracy has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to be a true sales professional. She gives the title honor and brings integrity. She has decades of experience in the hospitality industry and brings with her the experience of working with sales teams, staff with specific roles that will affect the overall experience of a client or guest, as well as a passion for the products she represents. That list is VERY small because she realizes she needs to be behind a product or service all the way to her toes to do it justice. She is insightful and brings a calm to any project that may spin a bit out of orbit.



Lany Sullivan….. Community & Group Strategist

Lany has a deep understanding of respecting your time available by connecting you into the right communities, circles and groups. Her experience with large corporations has given her insights as to how marketing isn’t just about an online message, collateral material and video brochures – you need to CONNECT. Lany is able to help you define your target audience and the best place to reach them to help you build your list of advocates and strategic partners, word-of-mouth fans and team members. Lany’s second big skill is highly specialized to build your Google+ circle and connections, giving you more reach. This she does through curating circles of connections specifically for Google+. She does this through deep analysis of your marketing plan, company mission and long-range goals.





Danielle Miller….. Ongoing Social Media Management

Danielle’s expertise is maintaining an active social media presence for businesses. She happily takes on the task of posting, monitoring, engaging and tracking. Her favorite networks to manage are Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Having an engaged social media audience will help you promote the content you’re creating and drive visitors to your website.



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