Jul 292014

Youtube defaul and branded channel artMost people on YouTube that we call “Youtubers” are pretty good at setting up their channels, or having someone help them get their channel looking good. However HoA Host seem to drop the ball on the YouTube end of things. That is a huge shame since their HoA is a video just sitting on the channel and not being used to its fullest.

In this post we are going to start by putting Channel Art on the Home Page of our YouTube Channel!

The channel art is the banner at the top or the page. It can be anything you want, within reason (no copyrighted materials, other peoples trademarks or pornish things).

The Youtube default banner is just grayish and is not exciting at all. It also has no branding for your channel.

By uploading your own Channel Art you are now going to add some personality and branding to your channel. People need to know whose channel they are on as soon as they hit it!

Most HoA host have a header/banner on their G+ Page and on their Event pages, yet they have nothing on their YouTube Channel Home Page.

The YouTube Channel Art is a banner that is at least 2048 x 1152 (Recommended 2560 x 1440) and I have the best luck uploading if it is a JPEG. Get the Channel Art Template

I highly recommend that you use the same banner/header on your YouTube Channel as you use on your Google Plus Page, Facebook and your website…this way people will easily recognize you on all platforms.

Once you have this done, your channel already looks more professional. Don’t get to comfortable yet, as there are many things a YouTube Channel needs to succeed, but it is now on its way.

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